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Yes. If you have a valid passport and either a valid residence permit for a Schengen country or a valid Schengen visa, you will not be needing a visa for visiting Denmark.

If you have a valid Schengen visa, it will be valid in Denmark as well. You will be allowed to travel as a tourist for a period up to 90 days within a 180 days period.

Applicants that wish to stay in Denmark beyond 90 days in any 6 months period, will have to apply for a work/residence permit.

As per the EU Visa Code, the processing time cannot be more than 15 calendar days in general, and from 30 to 60 days in exceptional cases.

The Embassy is committed to issuing visas as soon as possible, provided they have complete and satisfactory information about the applicant.

While it is advisable to plan ahead and apply well in time, do keep in mind that the earliest that you can apply is 90 days or 3 months prior to the expected day of your departure.

Applicants whose main destination is Denmark or a Schengen country represented by Denmark, can lodge their visa application online at Apply Visa. For applying through this website, the length of stay must not exceed 90 days in any given 6 months period.

Denmark represents Iceland in visa-related matters.

Yes, every applicant has to appear in person when submitting the visa application.

You can submit your visa application either at the Visa Application Centre or at the Embassy.

Though you can submit your visa application at the Visa Application Centre, the Embassy advises applicants to take a prior appointment for the same. 

You can also submit your application at the Embassy. You will have to make a prior appointment.

If you apply for a short-term visa to Denmark, it is not mandatory for you to appear for a visa interview at the Danish Embassy.

Nevertheless, you might be asked by the Embassy to appear in person for a face-to-face interview. Do keep in mind that you might also be asked to submit additional documents, if the Embassy so requires.

Proof of insurance must be provided at the time of applying for the short-term visa.

Insurance cover must include medical emergencies, hospitalization, and the cost of sending the applicant back to his country (also in the event of death). The amount should be a minimum of EUR 30,000.

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